In pursuit of happiness

” I was unhappy of my small house,

Till I met a homeless man,

I complained about my parents

Till I met an orphan,

I thought I was unlucky

Till I met a deformed man,

I was upset at the homework

Till I saw child labor,

I complained of my old shoes,

Until I saw a man without a leg,

I regretted my failure

Until I saw those who didn’t try…

That is when I realized…”

We all want to be happy, no one likes unhappiness. Most people associate happiness with a goal or an external object, without which they will feel unhappy and discontent. Searching for happiness or associating it with a goal is like searching for your specs all your house not knowing that it is there on your nose. So the key to happiness is yourself, it is within you.So in this post, i” ll be sharing some tips to stay happy always.:-)

  1. Be grateful for all the privileges that you are blessed with. Always remember that the things you take for granted are someone else’s dream. Every day, be grateful that you are ALIVE as there are many who didn’t get the privilege to wake up see this day.Making a gratitude journal and writing down all the things you are grateful for might help.
  2. Yoga/exercise/meditation Everyday take out some time to do any of the above-mentioned things.Remember exercise to the body is a relaxation to the mind. Stress is one of the most common problems, doing yoga and meditative practices can help you stay stress-free.
  3. Spend time with yourself Take out a few minutes every day to spend time alone. Do what you love, be it be anything. Do pamper yourself, write a journal, do your hobbies, also decide what you want to do in life which would make you happy.
  4. Don’t think of what others think. This is one of the major cause of unhappiness. ” It is better to be hated for what you are , rather than be loved for what you are not”. So never bother about what others might think and never be afraid to say NO.
  5. Quit/Reduce Social Media: Not only that they take away your precious time, but they can also be the culprit of your unhappiness. Usually, people post happy or beautiful pictures and post in social media accounts which might not be the case in their real life. But you tend to compare yourself with the seemingly happy pictures of others causing discontent. Also, excessive craving for likes and not getting enough of them can cause unhappiness.
  6. Help someone Try volunteering for some NGOs or do join any of social service clubs in your college like NSS. This gives you a good exposure along with the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile. Try teaching your housemaid’s kids or spend some time in an orphanage or anything similar to that.
  7. Be productive: Make a to-do list, , write down the things you would like to accomplish within a week , a month and so on. Your fitness goals for example , write down at what level you would like to reach within a week or a month , see yourself a year from now and write it down. Once you accomplish your goal tear off the paper , this is what will give you immense contentment.
  8. Spend time with your family and friends :spending time with your loved ones and sharing your feelings can be a great source of joy.
  9. Enjoy your life , detach yourself from success and failures. Remember all this are part and parcel of life and there can be no success without failures.Be a kid, have fun, crack jokes and do everything that makes you laugh out loud.Learn to forgive, forget and let go.
  10. And last but not the least ,smile. Just Like laughter, a smile is also the best medicine. No matter where you are, just take a moment to smile, this does make a difference.

This should have been written two days before, on the international day of happiness. Hope you loved it.

“… this is when I realized,

If they all can be happy,

So can I .”


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