Five effective habits

What is the first thing you do right after you wake up? Maybe you brush. What next? Maybe you subconsciously reach for your phone. In no time you will find yourself scrolling unintentionally and liking posts. This might be true for most of you. And most probably you are repeating it day in and day out.

It is often said that we are what we repeatedly do. What we repeatedly do are called habits. Why do we brush daily in the morning without fail? Simply because it has become a habit. Any action good or bad when done repeatedly for a period more than two months or 66 days becomes a habit. Hence it is important to create good habits at the same time identify bad habits and eliminate them. A change in bad habits leads to change in life.

In this blog I’ll be mentioning some good habits which I had adopted and found them to be immensely helpful.

1. Start your morning with a herbal tea/a glass of water : I like to start my day with a green tea . This helps me relax and gives a perfect start. Even drinking a glass of water early in the morning on an empty stomach has its benefits. (In case you want to know the benefits of 🍵or 🥛,you may comment below)

2. Yoga : Doing yoga has many psychological as well as health benefits. You can see tremendous improvement in flexibility and strength even within a month of practice. Beginners can start doing 12 rounds of suryanamaskar and can move on to advanced postures later.

“Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.”

3.Meditate : Meditation is an excellent way to practice mindfulness and also provides relaxation.Two sessions of 10-20 minutes would do.

“The thing about meditation is:you become more and more you”

4. Journalling :A journal can be your best companion. You can use a bullet journal to reflect on your day andwrite down what you are grateful for. It can also be used as a habit tracker and task manager.

5.Reading :I cannot stress on the importance of reading. This is one of the key stone habits, meaning it will help in developing other habits as well. For eg,you can better understand the art of meditation after reading the book Mindfulness in plain English.

So go ahead and grab a good book.

I’d suggest that you create a routine and try out the above habits. It might help you like it helped me.

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.“.

4 thoughts on “Five effective habits

  1. Very important message here about our daily habits but busy people seldom have time to do all these on a daily basis so rotating them might help … I recommend only ten minutes of meditation daily to twice daily until it is a real habit and then build up … otherwise people just try it as a hobby and drop it once they get busy again 🙂

    Nice blog!

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