Pluviophile forever😍

I woke up to the sound of rain striking the window still. And that instantly lit me up and got me beaming ear to ear. Maybe for some rain is about clogged roads, potholes,flood and traffic. But for me it brings home beautiful memories. I pushed apart the curtains to get a better view and also enjoy the tapping rythm of the droplets.

The trees looked greener than usual ,it seemed like they recently got a bath. I further opened the windows and let the breeze and tiny droplets kiss my fresh morning face. And this bought in beautiful childhood memories which I’ll be sharing in this blog.

1. Paper boats : I remembered those days when I and my friends would make paper boats in the mini pool in front of our houses. And I cannot help smiling thinking of the Titanic game we used to play..ah and that moment of agony when yours is the first boat to sink!😝

2. What if we get dirty? Rainy season meant puddles. If there are puddles we must certainly splash them! This was our philosophy. Ah..and that classic expression moms have.. when your newly stitched white uniforms look all brown..

3. Hot samoosas and chaii : Nothing can beat the joy of relishing hot spicy samoosas with mom’s special ginger chai( tea), while watching and smelling the rain 😋

4. Touch my little palms :That ectstatic moment when the delicious drops touch your fingertips as you stretch out your hands from the window.

5. Dancing your heart out : With nannare song at the background and with shawls as props here we go… nothing can stop us…..!!!

All these memories did warm my heart as I sat in the cozy bed clutching the blankets.

As we grow up,we often tend to forget those little things of joy that made us overjoyed as kids. Of course I still feel overjoyed at the thought of sleeping cozily with rain playing as the background😁. Though I jump out when I smell something delicious in the kitchen😝.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

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