Thanks for the blogger recognition award

1.Thanks a trillion HARBANS KHAJURIA sir ,for nominating me for the blogger recognition award !

My blog link:

Harban sir’s write ups are mainly in the form of poems on spirituality,health and well being. I’ve gone through his blog and I believe they are just awesome. I personally like the manner by which he portrays the importance of ethics , values and integrity in the form if poems. I think his blog is a must read for all those seeking spiritual satisfaction. After all it is important to create a life which feels good inside rather than looking good outside.It is important to search for the mysterious nature of life inside and take care of your inner spiritual beauty.

My blog curiosity_”beauty is in diversity” with diverse topics ranging from personal experiences,books, travel,health, fitness,social issues etc. I started writing this blog a few months ago to express my thoughts and experiences .

I consider it a great honor to be nominated by him.

My answers to his questionnaires :

1. How do the boons of our well-wishers help us to live a purposeful life?

Well wishers like parents, teachers and friends certainly influence the purpose we choose in life. The purpose we choose depends mostly on our values and inner principles which in turn depends on our upbringing and peer groups. Ultimately the key to a purposeful life is happiness which is deeply influenced by the people who are close to us ie our well wishers.
2. Do the curses adversely affect our forward movement?

Though I believe in the power of gratitude and blessings ,I refuse to believe the influence of curses on our life. However cursing others can damage our own well being. I strongly believe in practicing gratitude and love to our fellow beings.
3. Is there life after death?

I don’t know, maybe someone would find an ans to this in future ! Most religions and metaphysical models believe in the immortality of the soul or spirit. But since consciousness is a neuronal activity, it must cease to exist as the brain dies.. and brain dies when a person dies …so shouldn’t conciousness also cease to exist 🤔…? Anyways even if a person dies his/her thoughts and ideas will not die..
4. Difference between soul and spirit.

I think soul is what moves the spirit. Soul is our inner self which determines how the spirit moves…I suppose. Well… I don’t know 😌
5. Is not it, we get what we sow?

Yup, we reap what we saw.For eg, If we do good , goodness shall reflect in our well being in the form of happiness. Our destiny is largely influenced by the choices we make in different circumstances. We may not be able to control our circumstances but we can certainly control our choices! Yes we get what we saw.

Thanks again sir for nominating me, and BTW your questions were really difficult 😂!

Thank you fellow bloggers for your support and love 😊.

12 thoughts on “Thanks for the blogger recognition award

  1. Firstly, congratulations on the award. Your answers to the questions are really impressive. You have very honestly delved deep into the questions and answered.

    You are the most deserving for this coveted award. WISH YOU MANY MORE IN FUTURE TOO.



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