Lessons learnt…

Kerala is now going through testing times,with the devastating flood taking many lives,with schools turned to relief camps and thousands rendered homeless. This has also taught a lot of lessons to the people of God’s own country.

Lessons learnt:

1.Tomorrow is unpredictable

There are things which you cannot control.

2. Human is the only identity:

During floods there are no differences like religion, caste, color, gender, economic status, educational level, profession etc…We are all the same!

3.Common man can do uncommon things

Hats off to our fishermen brothers.

4. Our armed forces are always ready A big salute to them!

A pregnant lady rescued by the navy delivers her baby safety! 👇

5.There are people who risk their lives to save yours –

6.Together we stand still…

7. Unity is strength..

From young volunteers to administrators, every one was available round the clock…doing every little thing they can.

8. God is everywhere in air and water..and they wear uniforms –

7. We don’t know who you are yet we care for you…

9. Time crawls really slowly :

Every minute can seem like hours and a day seems like a decade on the day of calamity.

10. Save electricity and water :

You realize its value only when you don’t have it.

11. Social media can be extremely useful :

From coordinating relief centres to rescuing those trapped in homes.

12. Necessity leads to invention… the modern vessel!

13. You understand the meaning of “Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.”

15. Mental strength is the biggest strength :

Hope is everything …many (young,elderly, mom with babies…)have survived without food and water trapped in the top storey of their homes for more than three days until rescuers found them.

From rain loving to rain -fearing a lot can change in a day!

Together we shall overcome !💪

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