Turning twenty

I’m twenty!
A young lady
And a passionate Yogi ;
I rise early
And Smile 😊 is my identity;
I keep myself busy
As my hobbies are many;

I’m sporty

And love photography📸

I’m always hungry
So I eat healthy
By replacing sugar with honey;
I can be lazy
But never angry;
I respond calmly
But not always friendly;
I’m never noisy
Solitude is my best buddy;
I sing terribly
And I say that proudly😜;
I can be a bit messy
Yet I walk happily;
I have an awesome daddy
And I’m Mamma’s baby,
My family is lovely😍
That makes me really lucky;
My mind speaks silently
And marches briskly;
Beauty is in serinity;

I’ve turned twenty 💪
The journey was a bit bumpy
And the destination so lovely
Life may not be breezy
But it can be made easy;


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