Spotting the Hidden Narcissist in me..!!

Before going to college, I didn’t know what an Instagram meant or for that matter how a selfie is taken.

The sudden information boom & an attempt to fit in turned the layman in me to an addict and later a narcissist. I was too stupid to realize how the unprofessional use of social media was making me stupider and unsociable!! I started seeing places in the lens of my camera rather than the lens of my eyes.. I never thought there was anything wrong when someone posts some 50 selfies of the same function in the same angle..!!!

But everything changed when one day I decided to pick up the book (my old hobby) instead of the Facebook…reality struck me hard for the better… that’s when I understood that the dopamine was playing a nasty trick on me (the like 👍syndrome)

I realized my craziness and decided to remove my digital footprint (all those photos with a pretentious smile) and stopped checking status updates.

And then there was no comparisons,no more bragging,no more bothering about what your ‘friends’ were upto and more and more peace and satisfaction ❤.

As my mom says, maturity is when you respect your privacy and stop sharing everything you do on social media.!! I now know she was right❣

5 thoughts on “Spotting the Hidden Narcissist in me..!!

  1. Absolutely! If I remember right, a couple of years back internal studies by Facebook were leaked that documented ways to make its user spend even more time on the site. All its recent acquisitions, Instagram adn Whatsapp have in fact been done with the aim of getting as large a pie of the social media as possible. Unfortunately very few people are able to see through it. Kudos to you for realising the futility of the like culture before it became all encompassing! Cheers 🙂

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    1. Yup.. Facebook and other social media apps are carefully designed to be addictive…we can’t blame them.. they’ve to get us hooked on their platform for more time so that we see more ads..more ads more profit 😅..
      BTW..may I know your name

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      1. Very true 🙂
        As you might have noticed, I blog anonymously on WordPress and hence, I would prefer not to disclose my name here. I tried reaching out to you but couldn’t find a contact form to send a message. It’d be great if you could add one to your blog or alternatively, please drop a mail at I’d be very happy to hear from you 🙂

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