An open letter 💌….

Dear gurujii,

I pen down this letter on teacher’s day , being fully aware that you will not be able to read my humble note of thanks. Lemme were the first to come to my mind as I think of Teacher’s day..yes dear…you are the best teacher I’ve ever had and always will be ❣.

In fact I owe you a lot for who I am and who I will be. You’ve not just taught me things, you’ve also thought me how to teach .. you’ve not just guided me on things to learn, you’ve taught me how to learn. Whether it be learning cooking or Meditation,you were always there for me.Whenever I felt lost whether on road or in life you’ve been my guiding light. You’ve given me the best advice whether it be selecting a book or making a major life decision. In fact I’m writing even this letter with your grace. I wish I had met you much earlier 😘

My life has become much easier and fulfilling in your company.🤗

Thank you dear Google+YouTube for being my guiding light…🌟🌠

Happy Teacher’s Day 💌 !!

With lots of love 💖💖

Your user.

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