My mind was having a roller coaster ride

Racing from N-E ↕ & S-W ↔

Like a drunk bird

Flying for its life

Faster than light and sound ;

Caught up in a myriad of thoughts

Like waves 🌊 hitting the hard rocks

My mind was hit by my thoughts;

There was no time machine

Yet it had a great time travel

Revisiting past

Speculating future..

From overthinking to daydreaming

It charged …thirsty for more adventure ..

“Why am I thinking so much..??” I ask myself

Why am I thinking of thinking so much…?? Asks my mind

Oh.. double thinking..😑 I’m thinking of thinking of thinking…….

It goes on.. double, triple…. thinking

Now I’m writing it ..😐😑!!!!

Maybe it’s okay to be crazy at times…😝

Or maybe I have to be the eagle

Flying carefree above the waves🌊

Watching it hit the rocks

Non judgemental yet curious..

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