When you don’t like socializing….

Mom: You've to come tomorrow,shanu aunty had specially asked you to.... Me: Mamaaa, I'm not well tommorow.. Mom: Already..😐?!? TRINGG..... Friend (phone): Hey, you'll come tommorow r8, we'll have an amazing party? Me: I would have loved to come..but I have to attend a wedding...you guys enjoy..😀 ***** Mom: But you said you are not … Continue reading When you don’t like socializing….

An open letter from my heart💌

Dear mind, As I write this letter I'm not sure of your address. I know it seems awkward, but I am still struggling to find your home. When I was a kid I believed that you were either in my head or my heart but now I'm confused. You are soo close to me that … Continue reading An open letter from my heart💌

Anger 🔥

On the spur of the moment I found my heart racing And blood boiling Fuming like hot coffee And reacting like sodium metal Put in burning acid ; My mind hopping mad And words following my emotions Like an obedient puppy Following its master ; Soon it was gone The furious tsunami waves of anger … Continue reading Anger 🔥