Anger 🔥

On the spur of the moment

I found my heart racing

And blood boiling

Fuming like hot coffee

And reacting like sodium metal

Put in burning acid ;

My mind hopping mad

And words following my emotions

Like an obedient puppy

Following its master ;

Soon it was gone

The furious tsunami waves of anger

Was now a tiny ripple;

But the damage was done

I was pained to have hurt you

But the fire within 🔥 burnt me harder

Like a helpless crumbling paper

Reducing me to ashes;

Wishing that past was written with a pencil ✍

To be erased without regret ;

But the damage was done

Maybe it cannot be erased

But the ashes can be cleaned

And more pages are left

To write beautiful lines of love ❣✒

Which I would never ever want to erase…..

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