An open letter from my heart💌

Dear mind,

As I write this letter I’m not sure of your address. I know it seems awkward, but I am still struggling to find your home. When I was a kid I believed that you were either in my head or my heart but now I’m confused. You are soo close to me that very often I end up identifying myself with you.

I must admit that you amaze me with your speed… not even light can travel soo fast!! I can understand your passion to travel but I don’t appreciate it when you drag me along with you in your adventures. I choose to be where I am not where you go or wish to go 😊. You surprise me with your memory by the way you replay past events accurately with minute details in your own home theatre,.. but I’m bored seeing the things that I’ve already experienced 😐. Maybe you have a time machine which can travel to past as well as future but unfortunately I don’t. So I choose to be where I am. See, you are absolutely amazing and I’m sure not even the most advanced supercomputers of the world can be as good.

Still , i want you to learn from the computer. Haven’t you seen how computers are shut down by their user after use? This saves their energy and power. Similarly I want you to go to sleep or OFF mode when my work is done.. I shall certainly switch you ON when i need you. If you don’t shut down when I tell you so, you will end up wasting your mental energy. Haven’t you noticed how those computers which takes in everything from everywhere without proper security and precautions end up getting infected with viruses? So don’t take everything that comes your way as it can create a psychic clutter and at worst infect you. Remember excess turbulence will force you to send an error message whenever i need you the most. So make sure you lock yourself from distractions and unnecessary information. I hope you’ll take my concerns seriously and emerge more powerful than ever.

Thank you so much for being the most wonderful tool to me…

With lots of love ❤

Your User

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