School days

On cleaning my book shelf I found the book I had forgotten long ago….

SLAMBOOK, class 10th…..flooded me with memories and hence this post…

Remember me ever….”

This was a phrase which was common in all pages…and this phrase did make me remember a lot many things …

This post is dedicated to all my dear classmates as a token of gratitude for the priceless memories they gifted me

I cook my words with lots of love ❤,mixing it with gratitude and garnishing it with sweet memories to bring an aroma that makes me smile


The Song


A melodious song follows the shrill school bell…..

Good mooooorninggggg teacherrrrrrrrr….

Followed by the infamous meditation session

Soon to become a napping session 😴😪!


Nicely pretending to read ….

Favorite period

Someone had said that books are man’s best friends….but we already had many friends so maybe that justifies why we didn’t bother about books..

I remember how enthusiastic I was about going to school, not that I fancied learning linear algebra or French revolution….but something else..

And that was this…

Missss PT pleaseseeeeee….

PT was all time favorite- an undisputed fact. But our class was tooo passionate that everyday we managed to coax at least one teacher to sacrifice her period for us to play…..after all physical health is important for academics tooo….science backed fact….😜

I remember how we always followed a standard operating procedure while requesting for a PT period..

It would start with one of the most courageous friend in our gang(@aarathy alex) putting forward her request…& if it is a NO, it would be followed by our screams PT..PT…..similar to a protest with followers repeating the leader’s slogans….

Most teachers would give assent to this while some would shut us up with a deadly stare….But still there is no harm trying. If successful, we would run to the basket ball court….pretending to be Michael jordan 2.0

Basket ball was always fun💃

We never bothered about the sun🏃‍♀️

For we knew tans fade

But memories never fade

Morning or noon

It got over soon..☹

Every day was a baag milka baag moment for me,and we would return drenched in sweat but carriying the pride of an Olympic champion.

But the triumph would not last long…for it would usually be followed by geography periods😒….And our teacher would share our same emotion seeing our sunkissed faces all red and burning like the afternoon sun.

My mind would be travelling east and west while teacher tries her best to elaborate the ” very imp ” concepts of easterlies and westerlies…..some of my batchmates by this time would have already drifted to deep sleep with textbook serving as comfortable pillows…


The thaali🥗🍲🥘

Our class was known for its diversity…like a typical indian thaali….we had some with the biggest humour sense…some whose sensible dialogues would end up in standup comedy ,better than George Carlin’s…..some with the greatest appetite…and of course a lot of tubelights (i’m afraid I was one among them🙈 )…and of course there were some with superhuman abilities like the ability to drink ink.!!…. Some who had already formed mini bands with desks and boxes serving as drums and instruments…giving us a pro show during free hours.And of course like any other class we also had our share of nerds, bookworms , introverts ,the idealistic ones and so on……

And we also used to have a thali lunch…infact i used to have more of my neighbours potato than my own curry….for sharing is caring

For Beauty is in diversity

Leader pride

Being nominated as the class leader was considered a matter of pride and honour for you get to write the names of your friends on blackboard

Those fights with class leaders when they write my name as i was talking…🤣


B-day was always a special day for me as i would get the privilege to wear colour dresses and beam ear to ear as my name is announced in the assembly….and of course the pride of distributing toffees…for greatest happiness comes from giving….😜

Whole class 1 toffee….best friend and teacher two toffees😂


I remember how being made to sit with the opposite gender was a popular punishment!!


Youth festivals would mean mass participation…..i still laugh thinking of how I used to give my name for light music even though I sing no better than a donkey……i remember how one of my friend who had never touched keyboard in her life giving her name for instrument music and playing it for the first time on stage after borrowing it from another participant…!!

Participation is the goal and confidence is the key😅


I still cherish the little celebrations

Onam celebrations would be followed by pookalam competition, pulikali etc…

And the much awaited onasadya where each of us would bring one curry/dish…combining them to a grand feast….we weren’t a fan of catering services😅😜…too health conscious even @a young age🤓

Candid….not by choice…

And then there was the much awaited Christmas..sharing greeting cards, guessing your Christmas friend and more…

For me even the gift paper was a gift as i used to save it to wrap my gifts next year….and if anyone dares to give me a card without name that too would go to someone else 😂

Ramayana month celebrations……

That was the first time I wore a sari…of course it was an amazing feeling especially when you are trying this circus with your beloved friends

One pic..several emotions…

Sweet little things…

We were extremely lucky to have a sweet and super friendly class teacher who would often bring us sweets…..laddoss, chocolates , chocobars…..yumm😋

This is the card we made on her birthday….

Yess…we did celebrate her birthday, a birthday was very well planned ……Just like in Indian parliament consensus was made on any idea by special majority😜

We had brought the cakes….and I remember how we called our teacher to class saying one girl had fainted…..and she came rushing down only to find the girl who was supposed to be fainted wishing her Happy Birthday..

We also had our farewell in our teacher’s home……and of course we made a mess over there 🙈

There are a lot more sweet memories..but

Not all moments can be put to words…

Memories might blur but never fade

Thanks for the memories

College brings in its own share of fun and new friends….and it has been a long time since I wrote or met you all but you and the memories of our childish innocence shall always remains close to my heart

I may not write to you , but I shall certainly write about you all….

DISCLAIMER:Any resemblance with any real life personalities is intentional.

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