DISCLAIMER:Any resemblance with real life charecters , personalities or events is purely intentional.

This post is a b-day dedication to my dearest and sweetest friend Maggie.

So here I’m cooking the unadulterated maggie poem🏟……..pouring a lot of sauce🥘 and of course a pinch of spice …so here take a fork🍴 … let’s savour our friendship dish 🍽with a glass of water🍶 so that we don’t get hiccups laughing at our own jokes

I may not bake the best 🎂,but can definity be best in eating 🎂

Happy birthday Maggie

I can’t belive you’re twenty

You still act like a baby ..!

And now.. don’t blame me..🙄



Somehow we just fit…🤔

Either like tom and jerry

Or like maggie and sauce..

I’m yet to find that singular glue

That holds us like socks and shoe

We do make a perfect blend🥘

Of craziness & introvertsy

Garnished with stupidity..

Foodies ❣
Wind,wind go away, we’ll come again another day😃


Some of my our creativity⬇

Some of our creativity..Together we can be picaso😀

Lemme tell you…

You are the only friend

I chose to confide

And show my silly side..

You’re d Sole listner to my melodies🙉

And the only commentator to my artworks

With you College is a battlefield

Living countless scars

Black and blue✒

After each penfight,

With every victory a celebration..

Celebration of holi….😬


When everyday begins

With serious anlaysis and debates

On food and contemporary issues😎

On who’s dating whom…

Only to Wind up with laughter..

Laughing at our own jokes..😝


My dear sweetie friend

You make me laugh a little louder

And sleep a little less in class

And smile a little more …

Till teacher thinks we’re crazy

Here’s another year

Of effortless friendship

Which perfectly blends with my laziness


Dear chatter box,

I’ll never let you lonely

Will distub you😈


I promise…😀

Maggie 🍝🍴 is perhaps the only lady who gets ready in 2 min😋


And now don’t ask me

Why my ‘poem’ doesn’t rhyme😕

It’s no crime..

You’re too unique to rhyme🤓

Be the same all -time

Happy birthday once again 😀!!

Here’s the sweetest 😋maggie click

Chotu Maggie

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