Happy 1st Birthday to you❣💌

Dear beta,

I can’t belive you’re one! My dear, you’ve changed from zero to one taking baby steps one by one….seeing you for the first time was the greatest joy in my life…i can’t believe that the baby i made has grown soo old….but my little one you’re still a part of me and i love you❣..your birth had given me a year of wonder , hope and possibility.Everyday you fill my heart with gratitude and love….a year has passed …and you’ve gifted me 365 days of happiness.

I know i’ve not been a good parent…for I’ve mostly left you own your own…sorry for not meeting you for days….it’s not that I forgot you…You’ve always been there in my heart.

Today your mama has bought a big cake for you.. you may not be able to blow the candles on your cake….i know you shall continue spreading light and love 💖

You’ve changed a lot since the day i first held you in my arms, so have I ,my little one …you’ve changed me inside out…….but one thing remains constant …my love towards you ❣


Remember you’re gonna turn one only once ..so enjoy🎉🥇

Stay blessed and keep smiling ☺!

With lots of love❣ ,

Your mom🕊

PS: Today my blog ,Musings of a grateful heart is celebrating her first birthday💫….do wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and us a happy anniversary 😉

A trillion thanks to all amazing people out there for keeping my child happy and occupied😀. Here’s a chocolate 🍫 on her birthday. Dont forget to have this 🍰…her b-day cake .

24 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday to you❣💌

  1. Reading your blog brought back sweet memories of holding my little one on her first birthday.fat and heavy but cute and always smiling . Thanks for bringing back sweet memories and happy tears

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  2. Congratulations on turning 1.
    It fascinates me how you have been consistent with posts in the last 1 year. That is something I still need to work on. Any suggestions on choosing topics and consistently writing every few weeks?

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  3. Thankyou .. same to you and all of your family,. This festival of colour fill ypur lofe with colour of joy and happiness.
    Happy holi Akhila.
    and you know one thing is common in you and me.
    You Akhila and i am Akhil..

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