Running 🏃and screaming through the soft sands of Malpe,all sunkissed and bare👣,with laughter louder than the waves 🌊…. salty air caressing the salty hair, letting the waves tickle bare feet🏖 .. bidding bye to the setting sun ⛅….here we leave few footprints 👣 in return for loads of memories💞

17 thoughts on “Aquaholic🌊🤽

  1. The best thing about sea,ocean is they teach life’s greatest lesson.. life is all about unstopaable journey.. a river make own path to reach sea.. sea is a eternal place of waves.. like our life’s different shades… i think i should become one you mentioed a aquaholic… 💙💙😊😊 when anyine ask what do you do? I’m Aquaholic.. God bless.. keep writing 👍

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