Mom’s day :amante del café


On this mother’s day i find no better way to expresso my love to my javophile ☕ mom than through a strong cup of coffee☕. This post is dedicated to my amazing, truly amazing coffeholic mom to latte her know how mocha she beans to me..😉 and a big shoutout to all those coffephiles out there !!

Life begins with a cup of coffee
Life begins with a cup of coffee…may your day be as good as your cup of coffee

For her precaffination [1] and postcaffination is a must…she cannot imagine starting nor ending a day without coffee! Though it appears that she makes coffee , for me and my dad coffee makes her😉.


Fevikwik ad: fixes everything but a broken heart

Mom’s coffee ad : Fixes everything including a broken heart😎


With you every day is a coffee day😋☕

When most coffee enthusiasts would say coffee a day keeps sleep away ,my mom would say coffee a day or coffee-nity not just makes her days brighter but sleep better too….seriously she needs a strong cup of coffee to sleep blissfully!!!! And that, even during hot summers…no day is too hot for a coffee!!

In her words:

If i am happy ,i drink coffee

If I’m sad ,coffee

If i’m angry ,coffee

If I’m bored ,coffee

If i’m confused,coffee

If there is a quick fix ,then that’s coffee

What if coffee cant fix it 🤔?

Such a problem doesn’t exist😄

Coffee is an emotion 😍so is mom 😙❣

For me , mom is like what coffee is to her, blissfull, amazing, soothing and addictive…and of course there is no problem that my mom can’t fix , provided she gets her cup of coffee ☺

Have a brewtiful day, hope you find your happiness in your cup or your mom…either ways stay happy😄


Coffee gyan : Life is not delicious and creamy always, at times you might be put in hot water , but do persist like the coffee beans and emerge out aromatic and stronger than ever 💪😀.


1.Procaffination(proscrastination + caffeine ) is doing nothing until one has had one’s cup of coffee

Coffee Vocab ☺


6 thoughts on “Mom’s day :amante del café

  1. Greetings from a fellow ‘coffee’holic! Such a delightful and ‘punny’ writeup you have penned here!
    Belated wishes to your mom on account of Mother’s day 🙂
    Stay safe and happy! Cheers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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