In a man’s world..

Twins Reena and Raju are born

Raju is welcome with a smile,

And Reena with a sigh;

Raju gets a toy car,

And Reena gets a doll;

Soon Raju goes to play cricket,

Reena gets a kitchen set;

Raju is taught to be strong

Crying is wrong

Since you’re to be “manly “

Reena is conditioned to be “womanly”;

When Raju is given a book,

Reena is asked to cook ;

Unni and Munni from NCERT 😎

Papa saved equally

For Raju’s education

And Reena’s dowry;

Raju stayed at home,

Reena is sent to stranger’s house;

Raju worked & earned as a manager,

Reena too worked but did not earn as a homemaker;

Time to move from history to her story….of course Munni is cool 😎

Reena gave birth to twins

Rizzy and Kushi

She decided to raise them

The way they were born

As equals…

My favorite quote😊

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