2020 seems like a blink at the calendar. One of the most unpredictable and uncertain year turned out to be a rollercoaster for me just like it was for thousands world over…From being part of the batch which created the history of graduating during the pandemic to spending rest of the year within 4 walls ,the world seemed much smaller…or maybe something similar to what Charles Dickens said,it was the best of times ,it was the worst of times..

DISCLAIMER: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious real. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental intentional.

Jan 2020 (the beginning of a perfectly “symetrical ” year

10:15AM The little classroom wore a deserted look. There were hardly 10 scattered in the middle and back benches of the class with strength over 60.   

        A teacher far more energetic than the sleepy kids inside comes in…frowns at the deserted room. 

“Where are the others ” asks her typical question. 

 “Miss arts… miss placements .. the same old answers . 

As usual  she begins the” very important concepts ” of instrumentation..

Within 5 min ,a group of kids comes in beaming…      

“Why late ,the class began  at 10 ?”     

  “Miss block😬”         

  “But you’re hostlers  😠

   “😁😁😁”the best reply in history      

  “I’m gonna take attendence, anyone coming after this will not get attendence”        

    People did keep on coming and the same warnings continued ….for history repeats itself…welcome to EEE ,one of the most phenomenal and infamous batch of MEC.❣

My super awesome gossip partners❣Four years of college had made us specialist in the subtle art of predicting and gossiping on who’s dating whom

Planning is a sin qua non especially when you’re in your last sem…little did we know that plans like ” this sari for onam and this for farewell ” are never gonna materialize 😕…probably our’s is the only batch in history passing out without a formal farewell

Trickle down effect…. thanks to my super cool😎 mom with minimal generation gap …… Soon the college vocabulary trickled down to home ,often my dad would stare in a clueless manner to our language which was mostly about “set”,”scene”,”post” …all of which seemed Latin and Greek to him. My second session on who’s dating whom gossip was with her😜. Family outings would also mean commenting on that guy’s triceps to that lady’s beautiful tresses or vice versa 😁

Unofficial breaks between classes were well utilized @ canteen ..often extending breaks hoping that miss would give us attendance 🙃

Feburary 2020

The month of Rakshasas

March 2020

The hangover of Rakshasas remained…and the so did the deserted look of the class 😊, no one was in a mood to study nor write the internals ..though everyone did

Who knew this was the last day at MEC

……………..LOCKDOWN BEGINS………………..

April 2020

Our juniors very well predicted that a formal farewell is not gonna happen, hence they asked us to fill forms like this….here’s my college life in 10 lines

Sweet 😋 memories

May 2020

I finally became the Spider-Man 😋

May 2020

Online farewell #NSS

June 2020

Being in the public sector mom didn’t have the luxury of wfh ,my Spider-Man life got over soon. Gandhiji’s cleanliness is next to godliness became the sacred mantra. Mom had a mandatory post office ritual of shampooing and sanitizing every single thing from phone to door knob … she had a sanitizer bubble around her.Everything from newspapers to grocery would be quarantined for 24hrs and no one was allowed to touch it before that 🙃..welcome new normal

July 2020

Everything is online…from final year project presentation to exams 😊. I tried making my mom listen to few classes, so she could call me in case miss takes attendence but she quit too soon ☹…I was lucky to have a sweet friend who would text me when it was time to shout 43 ,hence I could safety remove the earphones 😜

August 2020

September 2020

But my BFF made sure that I’ll remember this day, couriering me a traditional handwritten 📝 letter with a lovely pair of frocks…I couldn’t have asked for more🥰….those little things aren’t little ❣

October 2020

Officially graduated again within the four walls…joining the legions of engineers passing out every year…

November 2020

December 2020

Phew…the year seemed like flying on super yacht …this year thaught us a lot like recognizing the smile🙂 beneath the mask to the art of minimalism.

Adieu 2020 , hoping that 2021 would give us a chance to smile without a mask on.

And # winter is coming ….

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