God meets an Agnostic

Probably the title I chose to give to this blog might seem like a paradox….well even if god chose to meet someone then definitely that’s not an agnostic !!! However paradoxical it might sound I do honestly believe that God did not make a bad choice 😊…after all agnostics unlike atheists never denied his/her existence.

With that said ,let me confess that writing this is a humble attempt by me to put my unorganized random thoughts to paper….it does give me that much needed headspace from the chaos of my mind.

So let’s get into the “godly ” stuff I as an agnostic was fortunate to experience. Some time ago, through my mom I got to know about an amazing gentleman who had quit his govt. job to do full time social service. My mom would admiringly recall how this guy, her ex-colleague would spent his entire earnings on philanthropy while his family expenses were taken care of by his equally committed wife. His selfless efforts might have helped to fulfill some seemingly impossible or difficult dreams of some unnamed strangers…the kind of dreams they might have prayed for …& what do call someone who fulfills your prayers ? Oh did you say God?!😃

Amazing ,truly amazing couple indeed ❤!!!

Similarly I’ve been privileged to closely connect with a lovely lady ,someone I deeply respect & love. She works as a househelp & is astonishingly quite generous with whatever little she earns. Indeed I was surprised to find that she had relatively progressive , tolerant & firm views. This cool lady 😎, a 9th std dropout taught me more important life lessons than school did.

They are just two among the n number of extraordinary heroes & sheroes I’ve met in around 23 odd years of my life . They may not have Instagram accounts to brag about the great things they do or the difference they make ……insulated from the eco-chambers of social media they do wonderfully & silently make a difference in their own little world. Who cares whether they are believers or atheists …..for their gestures are beautiful & “godly” in their own little quainaat.

One quality that’s common in them is empathy…one incredible virtue that makes humans humane. Oh, did I speak of empathy….well then ..isn’t it important to have this towards “the invisible God” or the creator incase he/she exists. So let’s try putting ourselves in the shoes of this phenomenal entity. Maybe if God writes a open letter /email💌 to us , this is how it probably looks like.


From: God .GOD_13.9 Bil BC @ gmail.com

To : Homo Sapiens. Sapiens_300,000BC @ gmail.com

Hello my dear Sapiens,

I’m writing this mail to convey some very important things…hence keeping it short & precise due to time constraints. Since you lovely humans have labelled me a “creator” let me reiterate that as an ideal creator, I love you all equally & I’m least bothered about your belief s/m…. for I believe it’s a private matter & not my business. Despite making you all equal I find it strange when one group would talk about Adam & Eve and other about Brahma theory…anyways which story you chose to believe is your personal thing although I personally admire Darwin ji who tried to help you all out 😉.

But let me also tell you my sapiens, how proud I am of the Altruists among you…for they are the beautiful souls who as Bible says ,respect their neighbour as thyself. Or putting it in another way, they are those marvellous beings who respect the religious or atheistic sentiments of fellow sapiens as much as they respect their own. You might chose to greet your fellow sapiens with “Namaste” 🙏or ” Salaam” or simply ” It’s a pleasure to meet you“…but let me tell you my dear, all of them are equally beautiful as long as your heart ❣ is pure.

Why am I writing all this obvious stuff…you might ask. Well my friends, the reason is this…recently I’ve been receiving a lot of texts which makes me feel that you have misunderstood me. Last week, I was binge watching an amazing film by Jeo Baby, The Great Indian Kitchen…do watch it if you have time. But I was shocked to know about the patriarchal cultural trap you create & that too in my name !!! Oh poor me…being a god is really really tough 😞.When did I tell you humans that some of you are more equal than the others?! And how can I as a creator consider one gender or one caste more sacred or priestly than the other!!! Eh…did I say priest..my kids why do you ever think that you need an intermediary to acess me ..can’t you talk to me directly ? I’ll never say that I’m just a tweet away ….for I recently uninstalled it , thanks to some filterbubbles, fake profiles & misinformation. But definitely you can mail me or telepathy might also work😎. The point I’m trying to say whether you are a man, women or LGBTQIA+ you are all special to me in your own way. Your gender, religion, caste or economic status doesn’t matter as long as there is Inaayat in your hearts…for that’s what makes you a god .

Before I bid adieu let me tell whom I consider Gods. I respect the ones who make heaven on earth😍 than on rebirth, I admire them who take responsibility to write their own story🖋📖 than blame destiny or me , purest are those who spend to feed a kid or teach a child than on meaningless rituals ,humble is a heart who choses to wander than to have rigid rules of morality that they consider to be applicable to all .This reminds me of what an awe-inspiring Sufi saint ,Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī had said…“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.” Probably it takes courage & humility to admit that nothing is infallible ,and that other person can be as much right as you are. Maybe all paths lead to one destination and even if it doesn’t why bother …after all you had the courage to carve your own path.

All I wish for you is health ,happiness & love 💌…so do what gives you that ecstasy…live your life every moment of it in gratitude & love. Heart to heart ..let’s prosper together… ✝☪🕉☸☯✡ ….when love becomes your religion the universe seems like moajaza.

Hope my mail helped atleast one of you …if it did I would consider my purpose have been served.

Bye my friends,

Your Favorite GOD signing off.


So as I conclude my post I would like to dedicate this piece with lots of gratitude to my magnanimous mom who taught me how to think rather than what to think….so that I do not become a caged bird blindly following a codified instruction manual.. rather let my conscience become my guiding light. Maybe I prefer EDM while my mom might prefer classical…but song remains a song 🎵🎼nevertheless. So let’s give our differences a tight hug , celebrate the real life gods & goddesses whom we can touch ,love and laugh with.🤗

One of my favorite ❤

Dear beautiful heart 💖 Sweet is your Smile 😄 even beneath a mask.. lets share love and light one moment at a time one step at a time…..Tat Tvam Asi….

Thanks for reading 🤗



5 thoughts on “God meets an Agnostic

  1. Akhila,
    I am really delighted to declare my solidarity with the belief which you carry. You have told the truth nicely and boldly. We look forward to a blessed group of vibrant youths like you to lead our nation ahead. Yes, Love encapsulates everything else-empathy, kindness, care and concern for others.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much sir ,
      I appreciate your gesture of taking out time to write these beautiful lines.
      Wishing you a very happy 😊 and healthy 💪life filled with lots of “godly” love .


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