My tryst with fiction…

My magical world .... I've been in love with stories from the time I can remember,.... thanks to my parents who've always found innovative ways to put me to sleep when I was a toddler and.. bedtime stories worked perfectly well🙃 It's often said habits once formed are hard to break maybe that's why fiction … Continue reading My tryst with fiction…

Mom’s day :amante del café

  On this mother's day i find no better way to expresso my love to my javophile ☕ mom than through a strong cup of coffee☕. This post is dedicated to my amazing, truly amazing coffeholic mom to latte her know how mocha she beans to me..😉 and a big shoutout to all those coffephiles … Continue reading Mom’s day :amante del café

Social Media

Why live a life of filters ? Why fake laughter in pictures? Why live your life in lies ? Why sacrifice your life for likes ?   ********************* PS: This is my humble attempt in writing a quartrain ☺. A quartrain is a four-line stanza of poetry, with regular rhythm as well as a resilient … Continue reading Social Media


Running 🏃and screaming through the soft sands of Malpe,all sunkissed and bare👣,with laughter louder than the waves 🌊.... salty air caressing the salty hair, letting the waves tickle bare feet🏖 .. bidding bye to the setting sun ⛅ we leave few footprints 👣 in return for loads of memories💞

Parasailing experience

Flying up in the air🕊 .. away from the pull of gravity, with wind kissing my face..... savouring the beauty below🏖. I was lucky to have an opportunity to try parasailing @Malpe Beach,Uduppi. It turned out to be one of the best things of the day... I still cherish that moment of stillness... feeling light … Continue reading Parasailing experience

Happy 1st Birthday to you❣💌

Dear beta, I can't belive you're one! My dear, you've changed from zero to one taking baby steps one by one....seeing you for the first time was the greatest joy in my life...i can't believe that the baby i made has grown soo old....but my little one you're still a part of me and i … Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday to you❣💌

Mystery Blogger Award 😍

Yaaayy!! My second award is here ...!! Thank you soo much dear Krishna Priya for nominating me ❣. Here is the link to her awesome blog : Mystery Blogger Award – What is it? Okoto Enigma is the creator of Mystery Blogger Award. This is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award 😍

School days

On cleaning my book shelf I found the book I had forgotten long ago.... SLAMBOOK, class 10th.....flooded me with memories and hence this post... "Remember me ever...." This was a phrase which was common in all pages...and this phrase did make me remember a lot many things ... This post is dedicated to all my … Continue reading School days