Running 🏃and screaming through the soft sands of Malpe,all sunkissed and bare👣,with laughter louder than the waves 🌊.... salty air caressing the salty hair, letting the waves tickle bare feet🏖 .. bidding bye to the setting sun ⛅ we leave few footprints 👣 in return for loads of memories💞

Parasailing experience

Flying up in the air🕊 .. away from the pull of gravity, with wind kissing my face..... savouring the beauty below🏖. I was lucky to have an opportunity to try parasailing @Malpe Beach,Uduppi. It turned out to be one of the best things of the day... I still cherish that moment of stillness... feeling light … Continue reading Parasailing experience

School days

On cleaning my book shelf I found the book I had forgotten long ago.... SLAMBOOK, class 10th.....flooded me with memories and hence this post... "Remember me ever...." This was a phrase which was common in all pages...and this phrase did make me remember a lot many things ... This post is dedicated to all my … Continue reading School days

Two girls-One childhood

The little girl cried in joy Pointing @ the fluttering balloons🎈 Struggling to fly free🎈; Held by a little hand like hers 5 Rs Didi , balloon girl said As she gave out a balloon. When one plays with balloons other sells them. This children's day lets pray that all little girls play and scream … Continue reading Two girls-One childhood

Water water everywhere , Not a drop to drink

As I stood on my rooftop Clutching my little one Shivering hard with fear albeit cold Heat of faith keeping me alive Day in and day out With no food nor light But a flicker of hope Drenched in rain And Surrounded by water Yet no drop 💧 to sip Listening to the roar of … Continue reading Water water everywhere , Not a drop to drink


He thought this was his Best birthday, The new Harley did make his day, He thought he'll go for a ride, "Papa had said not to go without helmet, But today's my birthday....why hide my handsome face.." He accelerated through the roads , This certainly is my Best birthday , he thought as he whizzed … Continue reading THRILL KILLS🚴