Running 🏃and screaming through the soft sands of Malpe,all sunkissed and bare👣,with laughter louder than the waves 🌊.... salty air caressing the salty hair, letting the waves tickle bare feet🏖 .. bidding bye to the setting sun ⛅ we leave few footprints 👣 in return for loads of memories💞

Parasailing experience

Flying up in the air🕊 .. away from the pull of gravity, with wind kissing my face..... savouring the beauty below🏖. I was lucky to have an opportunity to try parasailing @Malpe Beach,Uduppi. It turned out to be one of the best things of the day... I still cherish that moment of stillness... feeling light … Continue reading Parasailing experience

Dating myself..❣

I walk in the empty beach🌊 My feet kissing the soft sands And winds caressing my face; Oblivious to the footprints I leave behind And the footprints washed away.. My monkey mind surprisingly still Listening to the whisper of waves Subconsciously writing on fine sands In the language of my heart ❤; Drunk in the … Continue reading Dating myself..❣