In a man’s world..

Twins Reena and Raju are born Raju is welcome with a smile, And Reena with a sigh; Raju gets a toy car, And Reena gets a doll; Soon Raju goes to play cricket, Reena gets a kitchen set; Raju is taught to be strong Crying is wrong Since you're to be "manly " Reena is … Continue reading In a man’s world..


Walking in the wilderness through the imposing mountains of Coorg, filled with the scent of Earth and lake.. 🏞my feet kissing the coarse pebbles and heart ❣listening to the whisper of the leaves🌿🍃, losing myself in the path of dirt , sucking in beauty and abundance🏞 monkey mind surprisingly still and calm like the … Continue reading Nemophilist🌳

Parasailing experience

Flying up in the air🕊 .. away from the pull of gravity, with wind kissing my face..... savouring the beauty below🏖. I was lucky to have an opportunity to try parasailing @Malpe Beach,Uduppi. It turned out to be one of the best things of the day... I still cherish that moment of stillness... feeling light … Continue reading Parasailing experience

Terrible Thursday

Papa,come home soon.. Little girl cried , Bidding goodbye teary-eyed, Yes Beta,Papa will come soon .. With a big box of chocolates.... ***** He did come home soon Wrapped in tricolour .... When world celebrated love She lost her beloved ... She lost her warrior Not in an alien land, But in the mother land … Continue reading Terrible Thursday