Wicked Wisdom 😑

It was deep..soooo deep… I frowned trying to sip my unappetizing green coloured vegetable juice which mom claimed to be super healthy and one of its kind. Yuck I thought coz my mouth was too numb to even pronounce it.

Does it hurt..? Mom asked. “Nop, it’s the taste..”I wanted to say..but my lips were stubborn and they wouldn’t move.😒 Since I was really hungry I drank the green coloured highly viscus liquid without leaving a drop. I later regretted doing that as it made my mom think that her recipe was a success and decided to try similar ones😔


Just like any other child, I too was damn scared of visiting the dentist. So unlike other kids of my age I used to brush my teeth regularly day in and day out for the same reason.

Thanks to this habit I never had any dental problems until 16. But the pride of not having to visit a dentist didn’t last any longer.

My tryst with dentist started when I was in my 12th grade. It started with an earache (at least that’s what I believed) and it took me months to even realize that it was actually a tooth ache..!!

And I was told that I was having a Wisdom tooth ie the third molar which is the last tooth to erupt on each side of the upper and lower jaws . “You seem to be quite wise”dentist joked… “you’ve got two wisdom tooth on either sides”he beamed. He informed me that both of them needs to be pulled out as they were comming out perpendicular to the gum and thus scratching the cheeks. So l was left with no option. Since a portion was visible he just had to pull them out without tearing the gum. I was relived after that as I thought I’ll never have to visit dentist again..But my inner wisdom seemed to have other plans…


Two years passed…And here I’ve that toothache again and this time the tooth was quite naughty 😣 It made sure not to pop out ..ie its crust wasn’t visible. It grew beneath my gum parallel to the gum thus hitting and creating a nuisance to my the neighbour tooth…!! And history did repeat itself and Iwas told that I had to remove it it surgically…🙁. I was a bit nervous seeing my x-ray which seemed to exaggrate the size of the tooth and that idiot tooth seemed to be mocking..and thus the Pre preparation mode was ON..with blood test,clotting test etc.


Wisdom tooth not that wise!!

The dreaded day arrived

A syringe was inserted

The mouth turned numb

And two nurse & a doctor started the grand process

1 hr of drilling and cutting

And a mute conversation

Dentist speaks

As I lay helpless

With mouth wide open

A lot of questions asked,

I wished I could answer them

But your hand is on my mouth!!

Still a conversation

Lo and behold..

The teeth was out..

A big sturdy one..

Five stitches served the icing..

Thank god..its gone…!!!

Never did I realize ,

It was soo hard to lose a thing

I never thought I had

#Wisdom tooth


But the pain gained momentum after 4 hrs …as soon as the numbness got over. As the bleeding didn’t stop whatever I ate tasted yuckkkkk…!! So all I did was to put ice bags ,get some pain killers and drink something…(solid foods weren’t allowed)

So here is my diet for a week 😜

BTW ,it wasn’t that bad after a few hours. In fact I enjoyed having those cold press juices and mom’s liquid recipes. 😉

Moral of the story :Everything in life is easier to get in than out !!!

So that’s my wisdom on pulling teeth..hope no one else have wise tooth like mine.

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